Your wedding’s images will be forever memories of a perfect day. My job is to live with you every moment of the day, translating your emotions into photography.

In my work, the fusion between soul, look and subject is essential. In order to be able to create an exciting story of your day and a wedding reportage that will make each instant a magic one, it is of fundamental importance for me to be part of the event you are about to live, the coronation of a dream of love. Empathy is in fact essential in my personal photographic experience.

I normally work alone, accompanying the spouses throughout the day, from the intimacy of the dressing and preparation to the emotions of the ceremony until the wedding reception and the party.

This is the reason why I prefer to personally meet the spouses before the service, to best coordinate with the event’s timings and the spouses’ specific photographic needs.

If necessary or requested, I work together with trusted assistants who can help me during the event.

I normally suggest the spouses to book their photo shoot in good time before the event, because I never accept to work in more than one wedding per day.

For your wedding photo shoot I am available to work in Italy or abroad.

Below you can find the most frequent questions spouses asked me, but if you have any further questions, please feel free to write me here:


What does the service include? And in which moments of our day will you be there?

The service for a full day includes pictures at the spouse’s house during the dressing and make up session, the ceremony, group pictures with guests, relatives, friends, the arrival at the wedding reception, dinner, cake cutting, the throwing of the bridal bouquet, the atmosphere and details of the party.


How many images will we receive? 

All images I will give you (normally a minimum of 400) are retouched (contrast, white balance, curve etc.) and are obtained with long and accurate work of the original raw files. Among these a selection of 200-250 pictures will be post-produced with your personal style.


How will we receive the images? 

You will receive a DVD with images in jpeg format and high resolution. The DVD will have a personalised cover. I will also create a selection of the most significant images of the day that you will find in your DVD. If you wish, I can prepare, within 2 weeks from the wedding date, a gallery of your images that you can preview online.


How much will it cost? 

Price details are not available on my website, because I prefer to prepare a proposal tailored on your specific needs. However, for a full day service the minimum price is € 1.300,00 but if you want to give me a bit more details on your weeding day, please feel free to contact me here:


How can I book my service?

 To book your service, you will simply need to pay via bank transfer (paypal) a quote of the full amount agreed. Once I receive the down payment I will send you the contract that you will need to sign and return to me via post.

Other services:
Album, wedding book, fin art prints and fine art book.
Graphic services: If you are interest to have a beautiful and elegant graphic service for your invitation card, guest book and/or wedding logo, please, write to me. I collaborate with professional and international  graphic designers (Olga)