This section is dedicated to the wedding album. You can see some examples of photo book, with clean, elegant lines.

My proposal of wedding album is to enhance the beauty of the unique moments that are enclosed and narrated by the pictures.

The album is the precious treasure that you can browse with friends and family to relive, whenever you want it, your best moments, and choose together to better express iil your taste and meet your expectation.

There are countless types of albums and photo book, with wide wealth of choice of materials and shapes.

Also, if you wish, your album can be customized in every detail. I work with a talented graphic that you may propose refined solutions, related to your taste.

  My proposal for a very refined set of fine-art print and box…all material and design handmade in Italy! Some artisan will work for turn your wedding’s memory into a precious jewel.

Some examples of graphic: album, logo, invitations, thank-you card. You can see them below.

graphic design by Olga Taranco